Business Misconduct

AHC strives to uphold the highest principles of ethics and compliance to govern practices in any and all forms of its business. However, incidents and mis-happenings do occur in the business field. As an employer it is our duty to create an open, transparent and safe working environment where our workers and business partners alike feel able to speak up.

We have established a whistleblowing mechanism that allows for safe and complete discretion on the incidents raised to us. We encourage our workers and business partners in the value chain, including any third party we are engaged with, to let us know of any wrongdoings or any suspicions of those, or any information that may be a cause for professional misconduct or unethical acts.

AHC employees, business partners, any third party dealing with AHC, the general public and anyone who feels the duty to, can use this page to report incidents, helping us fight off business misconduct and incidents harming our company and people.

Reports or suspicions can be addressed to the following email: